Doug Johnson Trio – Game Theory

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Game TheoryThis is the first recording that I can honestly say I am proud of. Not so much for my own playing, but because for the first time in my musical career, I now understand what it feels like to be part of a band that breathes music together…to go to the studio and capture this joyful experience. We have worked together on this music for a long time, developing a communal language based on our own way of interpreting songs from the jazz standard repertoire. For over two years we have met almost every week at Doug’s home to practice together. I say ‘practice’ because it’s not normal rehearsing; it’s working on musical ideas, perfecting rhythms and discussing concepts. We have done a number of concerts and a few tours together and I’m now really happy to share with you Game Theory.

Doug Johnson – Piano
Massimo Biolcati – Bass
Take Toriyama – Drums
Recorded February 12, 2000 at Peter Kontrimas Studios, Westwood, MA.